Nils Elmark

Work: Author of New Local Economy, Entrepreneur & Consultant and Founder of Inception Ltd

Nils Elmark is futurist, founder and CEO of Incepcion Ltd. In London. He has worked amongst leading
startups and tech accelerators in London for the last 10 years. His organisation helps business leaders
create new commercial visions, strategies and dreamscapes. His consultancy has specialised in new
technologies and the opportunities new technologies create for business growth.

As a consulting futurist Nils Elmark identifies new global trends and business models and design haute
couture future scenarios. He is an international keynote speaker and conduct business model simulations
in a virtual business model laboratory with close connections to the global startup eco-system.

Before he moved to London in 2010 Nils Elmark was heading Marks and Brands which was an International
branding consultancy with focus on technology. Nils was involved in the launch of the first Apple computer
back in 1984 and since then he has been at the edge of radical business development working for
companies such as Ikea, H&M, Procter & Gamble, Telenor, A.T. Kearney and Lockheed-Martin and a host
of Scandinavian organisations.

Nils has written four books on future studies, communications, philosophy and finance. His latest book
“New Local Economy” was published in London and New York in February 2020.



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