Prof. Salvatore Monni

Work: Author of "Le Mappe della Disuguaglianza" and Full Professor of Economic Policy and Economic Development at UniRoma3 University

Salvatore Monni is the author of “Le Mappe della Disuguaglianza” by Donzelli and founder of MappaRoma. He’s Full Professor of Economic Policy, Faculty of Economics, at Roma Tre University. Where he teaches Development Economics, Corporate Governance and business scenarios.

He’s also Director of the Master Program in “Cooperative Firm: Economics, Law and Management”Roma Tre University.


  • 10/27/2020: Book Presentation "Le Mappe della Disuguaglianza - Mappa Roma" - Web Edition. Issue: Economic, Social and Political Issues. Audience of interest: Public Sector Decision Makers, Regional Policy Makers, Local Policy Makers, City Managers, City Majors, Economists, Economic Developers, Politicians, Sociologists, Students, Recent Graduates, Researchers, Professors, Journalists, Economic Analysts, Urban Experts.
  • 10/27/2020: 11.00 - Web Edition - Info Coming Soon