B&F TV – Q&A on Content Marketing with JOE PULIZZI, author of Content Inc. 2nd Edition, 30/03, 10am Eastern Time – Ohio

  • Date & Time: March 30, 2021 - 10:00 am
    March 30, 2021 - 11:00 am
  • Venue: ZOOM and YOUTUBE - 10.00 am
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“BOOKS & FRIENDS TV ” Digital Workshop Series

 (USA Eastern Time)  –  WEB SERIES – 30th March 2021

Geographic Area: CLEVELAND, OHIO, USA, Global, WEB

Organizer: “Books & Friends” team

Digital Platform: ZOOM – B&F YOUTUBE Channel

Issue: Economic and  Technological Issues

Theme:  Content Marketing – Social Media Marketing – Community Marketing 

Special Guest Author: JOE PULIZZI Author of “CONTENT Inc.” 

Book: “CONTENT Inc. – 2nd Edition” 

BOOK: “CONTENT Inc. – 2nd Edition” by JOE PULIZZI

“CONTENT Inc.” is available on AMAZON . Buy it now! 

a bit about “CONTENT Inc. – 2nd Edition”

Today’s markets are getting more and more dynamic, and customers are increasingly fickle. Meanwhile the COVID-driven economic crash has made mitigating financial risk more important than ever.

From one of today’s leading experts in content marketing, Content Inc. is the go-to guide to building a solid small-business by establishing a loyal audience before you sell any products or services. In these pages, Joe Pulizzi provides a lower-risk, better way to build a successful business by re-engineering the process that so often leads to failure: You’ll learn how to develop valuable content, build an audience around that content―and then create a product for that audience. Content Inc. walks you through the entire process, showing how to

# Identify the intersection of your expertise and your future customer’s needs
# Establish your number-one channel for disseminating content (blog, podcast, YouTube, etc.)
# Use social-media and SEO to convert one-time visitors into long-term subscribers
# Grow your business by expanding into multiple delivery channels
# Monetize your product or service for ultimate business success

This fully updated edition includes new and enhanced coverage of platforms like TikTok, SnapChat, and Instagram, a new section about the exit strategy for the model, more practical how-tos, and current examples of companies that have successfully implemented these strategies.

Published by McGrew Hill Education, CONTENT Inc. is now in its 2nd Edition.


JOE PULIZZI, author of CONTENT Inc., 2nd Edition

JOE PULIZZI is the Amazon bestselling author of Content Inc., Killing Marketing and Epic Content Marketing, which was named a “Must-Read Business Book” by Fortune Magazine. His novel, The Will to Die, was awarded “Best Suspense Book” of 2020 by the National Indie Excellence Awards. Joe’s latest version of Content Inc. will be released May, 2021.

He has founded four companies, including the Content Marketing Institute, and his newest launch, The Tilt. In 2014, he received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Content Council. His podcast series, This Old Marketing with Robert Rose, has millions of downloads from over 150 countries. His Foundation, The Orange Effect, delivers speech therapy and technology services to children in over 35 states.

Get the book now at https://www.joepulizzi.com

Learn more about JOE: Visit: https://www.joepulizzi.com

Follow JOE on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JoePulizzi

a bit more about the DIGITAL WORKSHOP 






09.58 A.M. – Users arrivals

10.00 P.M. – Welcome address,  “Books & Friends” presentation – Author Introduction – Q&A introduction by Davide Scialpi, “Books & Friends” Founder and Moderator

10.05 P.M. – Q&A with JOE PULIZZI, author of CONTENT Inc., 2nd Edition.


Roles: CEO’s, CMO’s, Managing Directors, CMO’s, Senior Business Managers, Brand Directors-Managers, Entrepreneurs, Social Media Marketing Directors-Managers-Specialists,  Content Marketing Specialists, Directors, Managers, Learning and Development Experts-Specialists, Marketing Directors-Managers-Specialists, Head of Brands. Senior Managers-Junior Managers, Global Brand Communications Directors-Managers-Specialists, Communication Directors-Specialists, Lecturers about Social Media Marketing, Marketing, Management, Digital Transformation Directors-Managers-Specialists, E-commerce and MarTech Directors-Managers-Specialists

Companies and Organizations:  Brands, C2C, B2C and B2B companies, large size and middle size organizations and Local and Global B2C-Consumer Brands or B2B Brands,  Individuals.

Sectors and Industries of reference:  all the sectors.



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MARCH 30/03/2021

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