ROME – November 9th 2018 – Dr. Constantinos Pantidos – 16.00 pm – Venue: “Rome Business School” Via Degli Scialoja 18

  • Date & Time: November 9, 2018 - 4:00 pm
    November 9, 2018 - 6:00 pm
  • Venue: Rome Business School, Via degli Scialoja, 18, 00196 Roma RM
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 “BOOKS & FRIENDS” Workshop Series

“LIVING BRANDS” by C. Pantidos – ROME – 9/11/18 


European City: Rome, Italy

Organizer: Books & Friends by KOB Ideas

Venue: the workshop is gently hosted by “Rome Business School” 

Issue: Economic issue 

Theme: B2C International Brand Marketing Strategy Design

Guest Author: Constantinos Pantidos

Book: Living Brands, how neuroscience and biology shape consumer behavior and brand desirability




BOOK: LIVING BRANDS, How neuroscience and biology shape consumer behavior and brand desirability

LIVING BRANDS is available on Amazon. Buy it now! 

During the course of the workshop the author will give away some free copies of the book



Emotions come too late in the sequence of mechanisms that underdetermine behaviour and brand choice. To effectively influence them, we need to go back to the way they arise in biology and neural activity of the brain. In connecting, for the first time, the links between many scientific disciplines, LIVING BRANDS puts forward  THE WHEEL OF MOTIVES™, the most integrated tool for understanding consumer behaviour, categories and brands to date. It helps us to fuse the results of various types of research into one Holistic Platform of Consumer Understanding and allows for the development of brand propositions which break through any clutter. The tool has been leveraged by companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, L’Oréal, Johnson-Johnson, Heineken and PMI.

LIVING BRANDS is the result of an intensive research work that reaches unprecedented depth of understanding of consumer behaviour, categories and brands. It’s the first research that uses an evolutionary approach by combining many disciplines to help marketers and brand owners bring brands to life. It provides tools and frameworks to design better Brand Strategies.

Successful Brands are alive. They activate the fundamental motives that have helped people to survive and thrive. By deciphering this source code of human behaviour, LIVING BRANDS allows the creation of Brands and concepts that mobilize the very forces of live and ignite buying behaviour.



Dr. Constantinos Pantidos is an International Scientific Marketing Consultant, author of “Living Brands: how neuroscience and biology shape consumer behavior and Brand desirability” and President of Brand Aviators. 

He has collaborated with Consumer Brands such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Heineken, L’Oreal, etc.



What could be the platform of innovation that could change for ever companies and individuals?

Marketing today tries to influence emotions. However, emotions come too late in the sequence of mechanisms that underdetermine behaviour and brand choice.

In establishing, for the first time, the links between many scientific disciplines, a ground-breaking research helps us capture the pathways of human behaviour from its origins in biology to the rich hierarchy of concepts our brain infuses into our everyday life.

By understanding what motivates us every moment, companies can help us experience the master narratives of our lives along with buying their products and services.

Join us at Rome Business School on the 9th of November to decode together the source code of human behaviour and its impact on business and individuals.





15.40 P.M Registration of participants


16.00 P.M

Welcome address, RBS Introduction and speech on Innovation by Dr. ANTONIO RAGUSA, Director of Rome Business School




16.20 P.M

Introducing BOOKS & FRIENDS and keynote on the marketing evolutions by Dr. DAVIDE SCIALPI, Founder of Books & Friends and Management Consultant

In a knowledge-driven society, purpose and marketing walk hand in hand:

# Books & Friends, sharing knowledge in a friendly way on the latest economic, political, technological, legal, environmental issues.

# Purpose, Community, Experience and Meanings : the today’s and tomorrow’s Marketing keywords.


16.40 PM

Presentation of the book “Living Brands”: Speech about the “Wheel of Motives” by Dr. CONSTANTINO PANTIDOS, President of Brandaviators

A major innovation in Marketing:

# What is the major innovation about?

# The Wheel of Motives methodology: the application of Neuroscience and Biology to the Brand Marketing design.

# Practical Case studies.


17.20 PM

Keynote on Innovation in Business by Ing. PhD, PAOLO ARANCIO, Global Head of Strategic Partnership and Innovation at Nestlé Skin Health

Innovation of WHY versus innovation of HOW: 

# The urge of innovation across businesses.

# Business transformations to be innovative.

# Build and sustain successful brands through the Wheel of motives


17.50 PM: Q & A, Roundtable Discussions and Final Remarks

After workshop: 18.00 – 19.00

# Books Corner: meet the author. A one on one conversation with Constantinos Pantidos;





Roles: CEO’s, Managing Directors, CMO’s, CCO’s, Senior Business Managers, Brand Directors-Managers,  Marketing Directors-Managers, Head of Brands. Global Brand Communications Directors-Managers-Specialists, Communication Director, Managers.

Companies: B2C and B2B companies, large size, middle and small organizations and Local and Global B2C-Consumer Brands or B2B Brands

Fields-Sectors-Industries of reference: Banking services, Pet Food, Food, Cars, Fashion, Mobile Phones, Cosmetics, Technology, Coffee, Alcohol, Clothes, Watches, Eyewear, Cosmetics, Makeup, Parfume, Fabric and Home Care, Medicines, Leisure Travel.

VENUE: gently hosted by

ROME BUSINESS SCHOOL – Via degli Scialoja 18, Rome RM






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