Sergio Marchionne’s quotes about Success and Leadership – Selected by Davide Scialpi

“The true value of a #CEO should be measured in terms of human impact on the organization, on the ability to develop leaders who have the courage to challenge the status quo, to break away from convention..” Sergio Marchionne, CEO of #FCA & #FERRARI

“..It’s been a long rocky road but fear has gone..”

“..There’s nothing worse in life than being a victim of a process that’s outside of your control..”

“..I’m on the floor here with all the engineers. I can build the cars with all the guys on the floor..”

“..the era that we’re living is the era of incredibly rapid globalization and the organizations that will survive will be those that have leaders..who are open to new perspectives but are not afraid of change..”

“..Your ability to work with others will go along away in determining your effectiveness within your career or your involvement in a social cause..”

“..great groups are led by men and women with the extraordinary capacity to bring out the best in others, help them build self-confidence and grow as professionals and even more importantly as human beings..”

“..When you’re able to build and nurture Trust in people they feel encouraged to develop both the professional qualities as well as their human abilities they follow you not just because they’re obliged to because it is simply what they want to do..”

“..We all tend to filter the world around us through what we know. So try and go beyond what you already know, fill your mind with the new, nourish it with different interests, open it to the extraordinary.Life is too short to let the world we experience be restricted by our own limited vision..”

“..Trust is essential in leading change, in leading people to do things with a sense of mission, in bringing conviction and belief and devotion to the effort but it’s not easy to build trust. Trust is built upon moral conduct..”

“..When Chrysler Group was formed four and a half years ago in alliance with FIAT , very few people were willing to bet a dollar on its survival. As one observer put it, Chrysler is most likely to be liquidated for 3 sticks of gum and a roll of pennies. But we dared to dream big and we have begun delivering on that dream. We’re now profitable we’ve announced investments of more than 5.2 billion dollars. We’ve added more than 22.000 jobs. Our US sales have increased for 44 consecutive months..”

“..we have no magic to change the world. We already have all the power that we need. It’s inside us. It’s the power to imagine things in a better way..”

“..Markets have no moral..”

David Scialpi

As Economist, Davide Scialpi helps Brands design and execute sophisticated Branding and Marketing Management Strategies as well as Digital Transformation programs.

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