Speakers Lineup: “Books & Friends” workshop series – LIVING BRANDS by CONSTANTINOS PANTIDOS


CONSTANTINOS PANTIDOS, author of LIVING BRANDS, will be the protagonist of the fist stop of the “Books & Friends” workshop series taking place in Rome on the 9th of November at Rome Business School. He will be keynoting about the major innovation in Marketing: the Wheel of Motives, a methodology that captures for the first time our fundamental human motives.

LIVING BRANDS is a great book about Brand Strategy that will become the reference point in consumer motivation. It’s an essential reading for marketers and brand managers.

“..Successful brands are alive. They are able to activate the very forces of life because they embed our fundamental human motives, the evolutionarily preserved mechanisms that have helped us survive and thrive. Our fundamental human motives shape the language that is shared by everyone. Living Brands decodes this language and helps marketers, consumer insight managers, advertisers, designers, PR professionals, and brand owners bring brands to life. By using a multidisciplinary approach that includes client workshops, brand communication decoding, motivational research, cultural anthropology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, and affective neuroscience, Living Brands deconstructs and prioritizes the motives underpinning our consumer behaviour, allowing practitioners to build narratives that engage consumers at a profound human level..” Constantinos Pantindos




ANTONIO RAGUSA is the DIRECTOR of ROME BUSINESS SCHOOL and he will open the workshop with the welcome address, RBS introduction and a speech on the importance of Innovation.

Davide Scialpi will be introducing Books & Friends Community  and giving a speech on the marketing evolutions.

Phd PAOLO ARANCIO, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation at Nestlé Health Science will close with a special keynote on the Innovation of WHY versus Innovation of HOW


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