B&F Talks – an Interview with Antonio Ragusa, Founder of Rome Business School

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Here we are today with a new special interview. After Dr. Constanstinos Pantidos, it’s now time for another great Books & Friends Community Supporter: Mr Antonio Ragusa, the Rome Business School founder and director.

Dear Antonio, many thanks for your kind availability and your precious time as well as for deciding to support B&F right from the beginning.

It’s a great, great honor and a pleasure for us to have you here into our blog for a very informal conversation about you and the Rome Business School.

First of all, we’re super curious to get more about your career and expertise. Please tell us a little bit more about your career path and experience in the business field as well as about the choice of founding a business school.

I started my career working for Italian and multinational companies as a professional and then as a manager; the main areas in which I operated were marketing, communication, and human resource management. While working as a manager, I also started teaching in universities and for training companies, and I became passionate about it. But I noticed that something was missing in both the Italian and international business education curricula: specifically, a truly international and practical approach endowed with a spirit of social responsibility and with a real care for students, professors, and employees. That is why I decided to found the Rome Business School.

Speaking of Rome Business School, can you please tell us more about its purpose and positioning as an international business school as well as its educational offer and presence abroad?

The Rome Business School is a management training and research institute based in Rome, Italy, but operating on an international scale. We offer both postgraduate Master courses in various areas of management and corporate training.

Our mission is to train entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals to a level of excellence in their competency and their ethical approach to business and work, enabling them to play a part in the development of an economic humanity and of a society more prosperous, fair and respectful of the central role of the individual. That is why our motto is “Better Managers for a Better World”.

What makes us a little special is our international profile and positioning: we host students from 140 countries, which probably makes us the most international business school in Europe.

Speaking of the RBS students, can you tell us more about the main composition of the Rome Business School’s classes as well as about your ideal group of students?

We have three main types of students: 1) new graduates who wish to specialize in business and management and enter the job market; 2) professionals and managers who want to grow professionally; 3) companies and organizations that want to support the development of their employees.

The common trait of our students is their interest in growing as global era managers and entrepreneurs, open to an international environment and to different cultures.

By extensively traveling the world for your job, you are used to to meet very important persons. What meeting or who inspired you the most and why?

Yes, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to meet some really great people who strongly inspired me to improve as a manager, educator and human being. For example, I recently met former US President Barack Obama and the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physics Barry Barish. I was impressed not only by their obvious intellectual depth but, above all, by their kindness and humbleness. Great minds and great hearts.

When it comes to your daily work and performance, what are the managerial quotes that help you stay focussed on what you have to do and achieve?

I cannot think of any special quotes—or maybe I can think of too many! However the key things that I always try to bear in mind are the importance of believing in ourselves, of being persistent, and of doing what we really love.

In your opinion, what managerial and business books are the must-reads for a professional? What are your favorite ones?

I am particularly passionate about marketing and I think that Philip Kotler’s books are still must-read for any manager and business person. Especially for their clarity, acumen and structure.

More generally, I would suggest: read a book about personal development. It helps develop our mindset. Which is a very, very important thing.

Speaking of careers, in your opinion, how can one succeed in today’s professional world? What is the best approach to take in order to become a great professional and have a brilliant career?

I would recommend being open-minded and considering the world as your potential market and professional environment. Unfortunately, I still see many people and organizations excessively limiting themselves to their national boundaries, thus wasting many opportunities.

I would also highlight once more the importance of doing what you really love; if you don’t, you will find it difficult to put in all the passion, hard work, and persistence that are essential to succeed.

“Books & Friends” Team

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