“BOOKS & FRIENDS” presents “LIVING BRANDS” by Dr. Constantinos Pantidos

Hi hello, welcome back to my blog,

Here posting again. This time to share with you a cool stuff…: Just this morning I received 3 free copies of “LIVING BRANDS”, the new book of Dr. Constantinos Pantidos.It’s a Marketing Book.

The book will be officially available on Amazon from Wednesday!

It’s a worldwide exclusive for Books and Friends.

So, I am super keen to be the 1st to read it, review it. Super keen to know how #Biology & #Neuroscience shape #Consumerbehaviour & hashtag #BrandDesirability!

If you work in the #marketing and #branding world, you must read this book quickly… QUIIICKLY!!!!

#BooksandFriends… is officially coming and Constantinos will be joining us as special guest in occasion of the next “Books and Friends” workshop.

#staytuned and JOIN US!

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Hey la, bentornati nel mio blog. …

Qui per dirvi che proprio oggi, questa mattina, ho ricevuto un pacco contenente…. 3 copie..in esclusiva mondiale.. del libro di Constantinos Pantidos, LIVING BRANDS.

E’ un libro di Marketing dedicato a come la Biologia e la Neuroscienca possono definire il comportamento dei consumatori e la Brand Desirability. Sono super contento di essere tra i primi a leggerlo e recensirlo…

Se vi occupate di #marketing dovete leggerlo assolutamente. Ma non è finita qui..

Sì perché Living Brands sarà esclusiva assoluta di “Books & Friends” ..stiamo arrivando!

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