“Brands & Rousers” by Luis Gallardo [Book Review by B&F]

It doesn’t happen so often to work and collaborate with People like Luis Gallardo. I obtained this opportunity in the middle of the summer 2012 and I am still consider that as an event that has totally revolutionized and changed my life in business in a positive way.

Luis is my point of reference on how a Brand Marketing Strategy of a Multinational Corporation or of a Multinational Business has to be managed today from lots of different perspectives.

I am used to view him as point of reference in the Branding Worldfor a simple fact: to be an authoritative marketing thought leader you must have worked as marketing specialist for an International and Big Brand first! And he did! Otherwise, what we say is just a set of opinions.

“You must be before you can do!” My Branding and Personal Branding Pills

He has incredibly led Deloitte to succeed around the world as Brand in the B2B service industry. For certain, not a walk!

Managing the marketing strategies of Large Size Dimensions Glocal Brands is more complicated and delicate than managing the marketing strategies of a small or medium local businesses. From the operational, organizational and entrepreneurial systems perspective, they are clearly a little bit different. There’s just one stuff: in the first case, you cannot fail. You cannot risk. You do not have the so called second chance.

“the market does not forgive those who know not what they do” Warren Buffet

What he says, at the end of the day, is simply more concrete, pragmatic, coherent, real and actionable than what others “thought” leaders daily tell us. Nothing against them.

I learned and I acquired lots of secrets and precious ideas orders from him and in a very rapid way.

In my mind, He is the Global Brand Thought Leader. And, a couple of months ago, he has published a very valuable hand-book named “Brands&Rousers” aimed at helping Managers consistently drive a Global Brand or a Business of a Multinational Corporation to succeed in this fast-evolving glocalized world..

We successfully collaborated together in order to create advocacy about his Book in London, in Milan and on Social Media through content marketing and buzz marketing strategies.

And we successfully collaborated together also in order to effectively deliver the Forum I was chairing, producing and organizing in that period: Employer Branding Revolution!”

an innovative International Conference about How to correctly manage Employer Brand Marketing activities of a Multinational Corporation from a Glocal Perspective in a Digital Era.

At that time, Luis was my choice to moderate the entire Conference Event and the Special Key Note Speaker of the 2 days.

With this post I wanted to take chance to share with you some of his managerial thoughts directly from his Book. I read it and I do believe it can help you in managing your marketing strategies in a powerful and consistent manner! I highly recommend to buy it!

For all those who are on the point of correctly building and managing their own Brand: Starting Point!

“..Any attempt to build a business must start with the company’s purpose – its reason for existence. Everything else springs from this. You cannot create value, if you are not clear about your corporate values and purpose…” […]

“..Whitout question, reason is the foundation upon which the whole company is built. It dedicates direction and controls our fortunes.”

From BRANDS & ROUSERS – Luis Gallardo

For all those who are on the point of correctly building and managing their own Brand: Internal Branding Implications!

“..Corporate Values will affect the way employees relate to customers, since they will behave in a way that reflects those values. This is a critical point: everything the customer sees, hears or experiences will contribute to the success of your company…”

From BRANDS & ROUSERS – Luis Gallardo

For all those who are on the point of correctly building and managing their own Brand: Branding Communications and Relationship Marketing!

“…Meaningful communication is critical in building connections around a product or service to form a community infuses relationships with meaning…”

For all those who are on the point of building the Reputation of their own Brand: Building Trust is the key in building a Brand!

“..Trust flows from experience and knowledge, as well as from consistency. Nevertheless, trust is also a confidence, a feeling about someone or something’s ability to deliver on a promise. For success in business and other relationships, trust is imperative. If this is one overriding rule, it is this: Trust has to be earned..” […]

From BRANDS & ROUSERS – Luis Gallardo

For all those who think that Business is Cynism: Responsibility is fundamental in business!

“..In today’s increasingly complex world, the Rouser requires something of paramount importance: to get the results they are seeking, they need to lead in the right way…[…]

..Responsibility is not as straigthforward as it seems – it is multifaceted. Although, there are two things that underpin everything eles: a strong sense of ethics and integrity. Without these, everything else we built on an unstable foundation, vulnerable to knock and ultimately viewed by others as hollow and disingenuous…[…]

From BRANDS & ROUSERS – Luis Gallardo

For all those who are struggling to get results by running always the same strategies: Innovation Mind-Set

“..Adding value and increasing revenue depends on our ability to adapt to changing circumstances. The unprepared will struggle to survive, as business-as usual is now a fossilized concept. By the same token, Companies that are alert to signs of change will be able to respond and adapt to both current and potential changes, gaining the necessary competitive advantage to secure revenues for further growth…[…]

..We must remain alert to what matters to customers and adapt accordingly. It is not enough to have an idea of what we value, it is important for these values to coincide with the values that accord with the values of the times… I am suggesting that we should evaluate the situation, reassess our values and consider what matters to people: employees, customers and to the world…”

From BRANDS & ROUSERS – Luis Gallardo

For all those who are on the point of successfully developing and managing a Brand: Values matter!!

… Your values are reflected in the products you offer, influencing what customers, employees, and other stakeholders think of your entire company. In other words, your products and services, everything your company does and stands for, speak to your customers: make sure they say what you want customers to hear. By doing this, you will ensure that different aspects of your business work together and don’t confuse your strategy, your customers, or your employees…[…]

From BRANDS & ROUSERS – Luis Gallardo

For all those who are on the point of building the Reputation of their own Brand as Employer: Create a meaning and valuable employment experience!

“.. Doing meaningful work is vital in generating individual potential. In this sense, both reason ( the purpose of the work that is being completed ) and rouser ( the ability to engage and inspire people to achieve that purpose) are closely connected. In fact, when an individual does meaningful work, they actually develop a sense of identity, worth and dignity. By achieving meaningful results, that person grows and moves toward their full potential…[…]

..Work is, above all, an activity through which an individual fits into the world, creates new relations, uses their talents, learns, grows and develops their identity and a sense of belonging…[…]

From BRANDS & ROUSERS – Luis Gallardo

Here are other pictures of Luis, his book and our collaboration:

Luis presenting Brands&Resoursat Instituto Cervantes – UK – Spanish Chamber of Commerce – London – November 2012

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