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We are “Books & Friends”. We are a group of Experts, Leaders and Decision Makers who love sharing valuable and actionable knowledge about the latest P.E.S.T.E.L. themes.

To do this we collaborate with institutions and organizations as well as thinking minds and authors to deliver amazing workshops across Europe. 


Our Purpose is to build a meaningful world.

We follow this purpose by sharing knowledge in a friendly way about the latest trends and issues impacting the society, the communities and the economies in which we live.  

By doing so, we firmly believe we can make people and leaders aware of the hottest and compelling challenges we will be all going to face in nowadays and tomorrow and try to find answers or ideas to address them.


Books & Friends aims at creating a solid and friendly connection between people and the world of knowledge to make all those individuals who act to change the world for the better more informed, aware and conscious on the latest issues and trends who are impacting the society in which we live. 

Thanks to our Community of leaders and authors we create and deliver innovative workshops in the most important European cities by involving institutions, organizations and decision makers.

We strongly believe in the power of turning knowledge into action.

“Knowledge” is the ultimate power today.  


Davide Scialpi, Books & Friends Founder


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Here are all members of our Community

Don Simborg

Author of "The Fourth Great Transformation" and "What Comes After Homo Sapiens?"

Dr. Richard Benjamins

Author of "A Data-Driven Company", Chief AI & DATA Strategist at Telefonica and co-founder of the Spanish Observatory for Ethical and Social Impacts of AI (OdiseIA)

Prof. Tom Eisenmann

Author of "Why Startups Fail" and Howard H. Stevenson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School (HBS) and the faculty co-chair of the Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship

Nils Elmark

Author of New Local Economy, Entrepreneur & Consultant and Founder of Inception Ltd

Paula Leach

Author of Vantage Points, Executive Leadership Coach

Sangeeta Waldron

Sangeeta Waldron is a multi-award winning public relations professional. A published author, her second book, "Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not Public Relations" is out now. She owns Serendipity PR & Media, is a guest lecturer and international speaker.

Joe Pulizzi

Amazon best-selling author of Content Inc., Killing Marketing and Epic Content Marketing

David Meerman Scott

WSJ Bestseller Author of Fanocracy, marketing & business growth strategist, entrepreneur, advisor to emerging companies, Author of Real Time Marketing and The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Domenico De Masi

Prof. Domenico De Masi

Autore di Smart Working, Professore Emerito di Sociologia del Lavoro e già Preside della Facolità di Scienze della Comunicazione dell'Università La Sapienza

Ben Renshaw

Ben Renshaw

Author of PURPOSE, Coach and Leadership Developer working with FTSE 100 companies such as KPMG, COCA COLA, SKY, IHG, P&G, HEATHROW, UNILEVER

Prof. Salvatore Monni

Author of "Le Mappe della Disuguaglianza" and Full Professor of Economic Policy and Economic Development at UniRoma3 University


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